Clients of LHV are now able to pay using Fitbit and Garmin smartwatches

27. August 2020

As of this week, clients of LHV are able to pay for products and services using a Fitbit or Garmin smartwatch. You must own an LHV bank card to be able to make a contactless payment using your smartwatch or tracker.

Paying with a smartwatch is quick, simple, and most importantly – contactless. No need to worry about whether you took your wallet or bank card along with you – all you need is to wear your watch. All clients of LHV who have an LHV bank card and a Fitbit or Garmin smartwatch that supports contactless payments are able to make contactless payments with their smartwatch. You can pay anywhere that accepts contactless payments.

According to the Head of the field of financial intermediaries at LHV, Andres Kitter, the bank is constantly developing its payment opportunities. “As a representative of modern banking, we want to offer our clients the most innovative payment solutions. While our clients were already able to pay with their Apple smartwatch before, now, users of Fitbit and Garmin smartwatches will also be able to take advantage of this comfortable solution. This is certainly a long-awaited upgrade, especially for avoiding contact during the current virus period,” said Kitter.

Paying with a Fitbit or Garmin smartwatch utilises the Fitbit Pay or Garmin Pay application. For this, it is necessary to download the relevant watch’s app to your phone and pair your smartwatch with the app. After that, one should get acquainted with the terms of use, create a password consisting of four numbers, and add their LHV bank card to the Wallet. Once the setup is complete, to pay with the Fitbit or Garmin watch, you should hold down the central action button or menu, touch the Wallet icon, choose the suitable card and hold the watch above the payment terminal.

Payment is secure, since with every payment transaction, a number linked to the watch and a unique transaction code will be used. Card data will also not be stored in your device, the service provider’s servers, or communicated to merchants.

You can pay for your purchases with the same LHV cards that you normally use. It is possible to pay at any location that accepts contactless payments, and payments are subject to the same contactless payment limits that the bank card linked to the device has.

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