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In order to begin investing into the 3rd pillar, you have to submit a choice application.

Submitting the choice application is voluntary.

In order to submit the application, you must set a contact address.

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The right to submit an application independently arises at the age of 18

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You should make a bank transfer to buy III pillar units. If you want to make regular purchases, it is reasonable to add a standing payment order in the internet bank. Or you can also buy LHV’s III pillar pension fund units through the LHV internet bank's pre-filled form "Contributions to the III pillar". Purchased pension fund units are reflected in the pension account within 2 working days at the latest.

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I hereby confirm that I have had access to the fund rules, prospectuses and key investor information of all the voluntary pension funds and agree with the rules and conditions of the chosen pension fund.

Also I confirm that I have expressed my wish to acquire units of a voluntary pension fund. I am aware that the Bank does not assess whether the voluntary pension fund units are suitable for me and therefore my interests may be protected to a lesser extent.


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