Campaign rules


  • The III pillar standing order campaign (hereinafter ‘Campaign’) takes place from 27 November 2023 to 05 January 2025.
  • The Campaign is open to all private customers of LHV Pank who are at least 18 years of age and who, during the Campaign period, make contributions to the III pillar pension fund managed by AS LHV Varahaldus (hereinafter ‘LHV Varahaldus’) for their own pension account by standing order. However, payments under standing orders must be made on a monthly basis. The relevant standing order agreement must also be valid on the date of the draw.
  • The draws will take place on five dates: 15.01.2024, 15.04.2024, 15.07.2024, 15.10.2024, 15.01.2025. The same person can win more than once.
  • The III pillar pension funds managed by LHV Varahaldus are LHV Pensionifond Aktiivne III, LHV Pensionifond Indeks III, and LHV Pensionifond Roheline III. Additional information about the funds is available here: III pillar · LHV.
  • All participants in the Campaign who have fulfilled the above terms and conditions are automatically entered into the draw. Each person participating in the draw has 1 vote, regardless of the number of standing order agreements they have concluded for the benefit of the III pillar pension funds of LHV Varahaldus.
  • Neither employees of AS LHV Varahaldus nor employees of companies belonging to the same group (AS LHV Group, AS LHV Pank, AS LHV Finance, and AS LHV Kindlustus) nor their family members may participate in the draw.


  • The prize in the draw will be the III pillar fund units. The value of the fund units is the winner’s monthly fixed payment multiplied by 12, but not more than 3,000 euros, which will be transferred to the same III pillar pension fund of LHV Varahaldus where the standing order of contributions was transferred during the Campaign.
  • The draw will be organised by AS LHV Pank. Representatives of the bank will draw the prize in the presence of the compliance officer of the bank.
  • Compliance with the established terms and conditions for participating in the draw is verified and the winner of the draw is notified of having won within 3 days after the draw has taken place. In this case, the winner who has entered into a standing order agreement in a way that does not identify the pension fund to which the contributions have been made has to consent to an inquiry to the pension register in order to receive the prize. If consent is not given, it will not be possible to verify compliance with the terms and conditions for participation in the prize draw and AS LHV Pank reserves the right to draw a new winner.
  • The prize will be credited to the pension account of the winner within one week of contacting the winner. In a situation where the winner has more than one standing order agreement for the benefit of the III pillar pension funds of LHV Varahaldus that meet the terms and condition of the Campaign, the winner has the right to choose which fund’s units they want.
  • The prize is not replaceable or interchangeable, including payment in cash. After their transfer to the pension account, the fund units can be exchanged or withdrawn according to the procedure specified in the terms and conditions of the respective fund and the prospectus.
  • If, due to reasons independent of LHV Varahaldus, the winner of the prize cannot be contacted within 3 days after the draw or the winner renounces the prize, a new draw will be held to find a new winner.
  • Taxes related to the transfer of the prize will be paid by LHV Varahaldus.


  • Each participant in the Campaign undertakes to accept the rules established by LHV Varahaldus and all decisions of LHV Varahaldus.
  • LHV Varahaldus reserves the right to terminate the Campaign and/or change its terms and conditions prior to the end of the Campaign by notifying this on its website.
  • More information about the Campaign: 6 800 400,
  • The organiser of the prize draw is LHV Varahaldus, address Tartu mnt 2 Tallinn, registry code 10539549, phone: 6 800 400, email:
  • Procedure and term for resolving complaints.