At LHV, you can now unlock your bank card PIN yourself


At LHV, you no longer need to contact customer support to unlock a bank card that has been locked due to entering an incorrect PIN at a card payment terminal or ATM – from now on, you can also unlock your PIN in the Internet Bank or the mobile app.

‘While for many years we were used to having to contact the bank’s customer support to unlock a PIN that we had entered incorrectly at a card payment terminal or ATM, LHV cards can now be unlocked conveniently in the Internet Bank or the iOS mobile app. This saves a lot of time for our clients, as they can take care of the whole process independently,’ said Annika Goroško, Head of Retail Banking at LHV. The PIN unlock option will be added to the Android mobile app in February.

To unlock their PIN, the client needs to tap the ‘Unlock locked PIN’ button on the card details screen, after which they will be prompted with instructions. The client then needs to confirm their request by tapping the ‘Unlock PIN’ button, and the locked PIN will be unlocked immediately. The client will not be asked to provide a signature to unlock the PIN.

This operation can be performed if the client has logged in to the Internet Bank using their Smart-ID, Mobile-ID, ID-card, PIN calculator, or biometrics. After unlocking the PIN, you need to go to an ATM and perform one chip-based operation with the correct PIN – checking your account balance, for example, will suffice. The information about the change is then communicated to the card chip.

Still, security must also be kept in mind when unlocking a PIN. ‘While we are enabling clients to unlock their PIN on their own, it is very important to remember that you should only keep your bank card PIN to yourself. If there is any suspicion that your PIN has become known to other people, it should be changed at the first opportunity,’ said Goroško.

You can also let the LHV mobile app or Internet Bank help you remember a forgotten PIN.
Instructions on how to view your PIN in the app or in the Internet Bank can be found at

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