LHV’s business hours and movement of payments on May Day


We would like to remind you that May Day falls on 1 May, which means that there will also be some changes in LHV’s business hours and the movement of payments, which we ask you to take into account when planning financial matters.

On May Day, 1 May, LHV’s offices and client support will be closed. Callers to the client support phone number 6 800 400 will be assisted by our partner at this time.

Internal bank payments and Instant Payments between banks will be processed as usual during the May Day Holiday. At the same time, it should be taken into account that European payments and international payments will not be processed on 1 May. Incoming payments will be received, and European and international payments will be processed from Thursday, 2 May. In the case of important European payments, we recommend that these be made before 16:45 on 30 April to avoid any inconvenience, as they will then reach the recipient as standard European payments before the holiday.

The Baltic and European stock exchanges will be closed for trading on 1 May, and LHV’s brokers will be resting. The London and US stock exchanges will both be open. If you have any questions or problems, the broker on duty will help. Orders for transactions on the trading platform Trader will be accepted until 14.30 on 1 May, and executed at 15.00.

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