Changes in working hours and processing of payments during the Easter holidays


Please note that there will be some changes in LHV’s working hours and processing of payments during the coming Easter holidays.

On 29 March, Good Friday, LHV’s offices, customer support and brokerage department will all be closed. Callers to the client support phone number 6 800 400 will be assisted by our partner at this time.

Internal bank payments and Instant Payments between banks will take place as usual during the holidays.

It should be taken into account that in many countries, both Friday, 29 March as well as Monday, 1 April, are public holidays, which is why European and cross-border payments will not be processed between 29 March and 1 April. Received payments will arrive and payments will start to be processed again on Tuesday, 2 April.

In the case of important European payments, we recommend that these be made on 28 March before 16:45 to avoid any inconvenience, as they will then reach the recipient as standard European payments before the holidays.

No Trader or Broker account payments will be made on 29 March. On Monday, 1 April, brokers will be at work starting at the usual time, but most European stock exchanges will be closed. Baltic depositories will also be closed on 29 March and 1 April, so no securities transactions will be settled on these days. Please also note that bond interest due at the end of the month will be credited to investor accounts on 2 April.

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