LHV is shutting down the trading platform Broker


Due to low client interest, LHV will shut down its currency trading platform Broker from 17 April 2024. All current Broker clients will be contacted individually to specify the necessary steps.

All clients can trade shares via the LHV mobile app and the Internet Bank, while more complex instruments can be traded on LHV Trader, the most powerful trading platform in Estonia.

According to Allan Gaidunko, Head of Investment Services at LHV, the reason for shutting down the platform is the lack of interest from clients towards currency and derivatives trading. ‘The Broker platform is designed for the very knowledgeable and advanced client, and was actively used by only around 50 clients – a very low number compared to other LHV investment products. We have continuously developed and are developing our main investment products, and we can also offer these clients better alternatives for growing their money. We will contact all Broker clients directly and explain how to arrange the transfer of existing positions to a securities account, or how to close them,’ said Gaidunko.

The LHV Broker platform was introduced in the summer of 2011, and was primarily designed for trading currencies and various derivatives (CFDs), but also offered access to all major equity markets.

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