Experience the best banking service at LHV


A sector survey carried out by research company Dive around the turn of the year once again identified the banks providing the best service. It turned out that LHV demonstrated, by far, the best service quality among Estonian banks.

Dive conducted a service quality survey using a test purchase method through two service channels: telephone calls and visits to branches, with six banks participating. All in all, the title of the bank with the best telephone service in Estonia was once again awarded to LHV with 97.8%, with a gap of 3.1% with the next best. In terms of branch visits, LHV also ranked first with an excellent 99.7 per cent, outperforming the bank that came second by 8.6 per cent.

The results of the survey were announced at a time when LHV Pank is currently in the middle of Service Month. In February, special attention is traditionally paid to excellent service. According to Kristel Paet, the Head of Client Support, it is the goal of LHV to provide its clients with an excellent experience at all times and in every contact: ‘I am pleased that the survey also showed this – our phone calls and meetings in branches are excellent. Our goal is to continue in the same spirit, always aiming for the best experience and maintaining excellent relations with our clients.’

‘During Service Month, we pay more attention to different service topics and offer an even more conscious LHV service to every client and in every contact. In February, we will also be carrying out a large number of test purchases ourselves, training our people in service principles, technical skills, and linguistic correctness. We collect feedback and measure the satisfaction of clients with our services. There are sure to be surprises in store for visitors to our branches. We know our clients notice what we do and appreciate the best solutions and excellent service,’ said Kristel Paet.

Dive Estonia, the leading company focused on client service surveys, conducts fields surveys regularly, offering information based on objective grounds about the levels of client service in different sectors. The banking sector survey was conducted in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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