Fans collected more than EUR 150,000 in support of their clubs using the LHV Football Card


Estonian football fans and members of the football club community demonstrated record activity in using the LHV Football Card, raising an all-time high of EUR 152,316 in support of Estonian football during the year.

Kadri Kiisel, Chairman of the Management Board of LHV Bank, said that the clubs can thank themselves for the increase in the amount of support. ‘As a domestic bank, we want to offer the Estonian people the best opportunities to manage their finances and combine what is good with what is useful, whether this means investing through everyday card payments, donations or supporting your favourite club. The football community has done a very good job in promoting the LHV Football Card, as both the number of card users and the amount of support continue to grow from year to year. We are celebrating together with football clubs and fans over the new record amount,’ said Kiisel.

In total, there are 5,807 users of the LHV Football Card, which is 552 more than last year. Over the year, each cardholder raised an average of EUR 26 in support of their favourite club.

‘The LHV Football Card provides our community with the opportunity to support their favourite club and thus give a boost to the development of the clubs. Contributing to ambitions in this way is of growing value over time, and especially in a year when we are seeing a significant rise in the number of kids and youth taking part in football. It is a great pleasure that for more than a decade LHV has been supporting the football family through a model that is outstanding even in the international sporting world,’ said Anne Rei, Secretary General of the Estonian Football Association.

Among clubs, the largest amount of support was raised this year for Tallinn FC Flora, with purchases by fans raising EUR 10,395 for the club. They were followed by Tartu JK Tammeka, with EUR 9,555, and Nõmme Kalju FC, with EUR 5,224. Football fans raised EUR 20,834 over the year to support the Estonian Football Association. A total of 142 football clubs from all over Estonia receive support.

The LHV Football Card is the official fan card of Estonian football and LHV Pank pays 10 cents from the purchases made in support of the football club chosen by the cardholder. There is a 10% discount on full price tickets for the home games of the Estonian national team and admission to the home games of the youth national teams is free of charge. The Football Card can also be ordered virtually. LHV has been supporting the Estonian Football Association and the Estonian national team since 2010.

Clubs with the highest amount of support generated in 2023:

  1. Tallinn FC Flora EUR 10,395
  2. Tartu JK Tammeka EUR 9,555
  3. Nõmme Kalju FC EUR 5,224
  4. FC Elva EUR 4,692
  5. FC Nõmme United EUR 4,503
  6. JK Tallinna Kalev EUR 3,834
  7. Viljandi JK Tulevik EUR 3,451
  8. Viimsi JK EUR 3,348
  9. Paide Linnameeskond EUR 3,300
  10. Pärnu JK Vaprus EUR 3,175
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