Registration for Estonia’s most popular stock game has begun


Starting Monday, anyone interested in investing can sign up for Estonia’s most popular stock game ‘Stock Shark’, where the best virtual money stock trader will be determined over the course of three weeks. The game will kick off on 23 October.

Anyone interested in investing is welcome to participate in the stock game, which is taking place for the 22nd time, regardless of their age and previous experience. The aim of the game is to conduct stock transactions with virtual money over a period of three weeks and to grow your portfolio without risking real money. The winner of the game and recipient of the main prize of EUR 5,000 will be the individual whose portfolio has grown the most over the course of three weeks.

Nelli Janson, the head of the LHV investor community, said that many of today’s active investors had their first experience with the stock game. ‘This is the perfect opportunity for those who are still gaining courage or knowledge to take their first step in the investment world. By investing virtual money, the participant becomes aware of how transactions are carried out, how different price movements take place across a period of three weeks, the impact of the financial results of companies on the markets, and many other important things. It instils the courage and confidence necessary to make your first real investments in the future,’ Janson said.

Of course, the game is also being played to be won, because the main prize is EUR 5,000. ‘History has shown that anyone can win – both an experienced day trader and a young school student. With each passing year, the popularity of participating in the three-week investment competition within a company, school or group of friends, to find out who is the best money grower, continues to increase,’ Janson added.

In addition to the overall winner, the best student up to 19 years of age, and the best money grower for each week will also awarded separately, and a prize draw will be held for Growth Account credits between active players.

The Stock Sharks will commence the battle on 23 October, i.e., at a time when the season for companies to publish their third quarter results is in full swing. At the beginning of the game, USD 10,000 of virtual money will be transferred to each participant’s account. An additional USD 1,000 will be added virtually to the account every business day until the game ends. Stocks included in the Standard & Poor’s 500 index can be traded and the player who owns the securities portfolio with the highest market value, as at the end of the trading day on 10 November, will win the game.

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