Green Home Loan with a favourable interest rate of 1.69% + Euribor for everyone


In order to encourage environmentally friendly decisions, LHV has introduced a change to its Green Home Loan offer – from September, all customers buying an energy class A home will benefit from a favourable interest rate of 1.69% + six-month Euribor.

According to Catlin Vatsel, Head of Private Financing at LHV, it is in the bank’s interest to offer loans at the best terms for the purchase or construction of the most energy-efficient homes, as this real estate is an environmentally sustainable long-term investment for the person purchasing it.

‘In the summer months, the focus was on the Green Home Loan, and during this time, the share of energy class A among our new home loans increased to 20%. We hope that the purchase of the most energy-efficient homes will continue at the same pace. What makes our offer different is that it applies to all energy class A homes, regardless of the customer’s profile,’ Vatsel explained.

‘Energy class A buildings are more sustainable for the environment and also better ensure the daily well-being of their residents. As a real estate asset, an energy-efficient home is more valuable, has lower running costs, and retains its value better over time. We wish to facilitate the informed choices of our customers in every way that we can,’ said Vatsel.

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