New solution – LHV mobile app now offers currency exchange


The constantly evolving LHV mobile app has received a number of enhancements – for example, the options to join a pension fund or take out an insurance policy have been added to the mobile bank solution. One of the latest updates is the addition of a currency exchange option.

According to Annika Goroško, Head Of Retail Banking at LHV, this is a simple but practical improvement. ‘LHV has been a pioneer in the banking sector in terms of providing innovative solutions, and it is important for us to offer our clients the most modern solutions. Clients of LHV no longer need to log in to the Internet Bank to exchange currencies, as all currency transactions can be conveniently executed using the app,’ said Goroško.

To exchange currencies, the client must enter their user name and then use, for example, Mobile-ID or Smart-ID to log into the LHV mobile app. One must then navigate to the currency exchange view in the right-hand menu. You can then enter the currency you wish to exchange or the final amount you wish to exchange. The app will then display the exchange rate, which is valid for two and a half minutes. By confirming the transaction within the time limit, the currency exchange is completed on the account.

People want to be able to settle their finances wherever they are, whatever the time or place, and Goroško says it is important that modern digital solutions make this as convenient as possible. ‘We are seeing an increasing trend towards mobile use. That is why clients of LHV can now practically do everything they need to do in the mobile app, without needing to turn on a computer,’ she added.

In a major innovation, the mobile app has recently added the pension services functionality. For example, you can use the app to join pension pillars II and III, exchange pension pillar shares, and sell shares in pension pillar III. The app also offers you a convenient overview of your pension assets.

The LHV mobile app has also been expanded to include the display of Youth Bank benefits, the option to take out traffic and Casco insurance, and to manage defined payments. There is also an emphasis on privacy and security – for example, you can blur sums in the account view, and also view and end all active online banking and mobile app sessions at once.

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