LHV is the best employer in Estonia


While last year, the Top Employer survey ranked LHV as the most preferred employer in the financial sector, respondents chose LHV as the best employer among all Estonian companies this time.

CV-Online Estonia carried out its traditional Top Employer survey in December, the purpose of which is to identify the companies where Estonians would most like to work. A record breaking number of over 8,000 people made their preferences known, choosing LHV as the most valued employer in both the overall top-of-mind category and the financial sector.

According to Liisa Põldma, the Head of HR at LHV, it is most certainly gratifying to be the best employer, but it is even more important to remain the best. ‘In order to operate the best bank, we also need the best people. Many of the best people in the field are already with us, however, we also want those who are not here yet but want to come and stay. Great people, an inspiring and supportive environment, as well as ambitious goals and results that go above and beyond create the best place for the employees to be. It is good to see that it is also seen outside,’ Põldma said.

All in all, there has been plenty of work for LHV recruiters, as 255 new employees joined LHV last year, making it an average of 21 new employees every month. As at the end of the year, LHV employed a total of 652 people.

Participants in the Top Employer survey were also asked to indicate, among other things, which criteria they consider to be the most important when choosing an employer. Such highlights included motivating wages and benefits, a good working environment and friendly colleagues, flexible working arrangements, recognition and rewards for excellent performance, as well as equal and fair treatment of employees.

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