Opening hours and processing of payments during the holidays


On Midsummer Day there are some changes to LHV's business hours.

On 22 June, the opening hours of LHV’s client offices will be shortened. The Tartu office is open from 8.00 to 14.00 and the Tallinn office from 9.00 to 15.00.

On Wednesday, 23 June, and Thursday, 24 June, our client offices will be closed. During the holidays, our partner will assist customer support for callers to the number 6 800 400.

Internal bank payments and instant payments between banks will take place all day as usual, and European payments until 16.30. Cross-border payments cannot be made during the holidays. Cross-border payments initiated on 23 and 24 June will be completed on Friday, 25 June.

Brokers will work as usual on 22 and 23 June from 9.00-23.00. On Thursday, 24 June, brokers are working from 15.00 until the closing of the US market at 23.00. Transfers on the trading platforms Trader and Broker will be accepted on holidays until 13.30 and performed at 14.00.

Happy Victory Day and a pleasant Midsummer Day!

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