Projects for the competition ‘Who does it?’ to be excepted until 7 May

3. May 2021

LHV extended the term for submitting ideas for the support programme ‘Who does it?’ by one week so that all interested parties could submit their project to the competition. Among the projects currently submitted are, for example, a market square, a skateboard park, a church manor, and other similar objects.

The LHV repair loan support programme ‘Who does it?’, with a fund of 20,000 euros, is intended for active individuals or communities all over Estonia who want to offer new value in their local area by repairing or building some object. Such an object could be a shabby village centre or a dusty shop or café building or such an activity may involve the construction of a sports facility or another object that connects people.

According to the Chairman of the Management Board at LHV Pank, Kadri Kiisel, they have received a lot of interesting projects across Estonia. ‘To date, we have received a dozen or so project plans, which are all special in their own way and create added value for the local community. For example, the ideas include the construction of a skatepark for extreme sports enthusiasts, the establishment of a marketplace for locals to trade with their garden products, the renovation of historic buildings for accommodation or catering, and many other exciting ventures,’ Kiisel said.

As the interest in the support programme has been extremely high and more detailed questions are received on a daily basis, a decision was made to extend the term for submitting ideas by one week. ‘Indeed, it is possible to convert your idea into a project plan until 7 May. The long summer is ahead and now is the perfect time to make forward-looking plans. We encourage all to write down their ideas and send them to us. If there are a lot of inspiring ideas and willing people, the grant amount could be divided between several projects.

When preparing a project plan, it is important to describe the impact of the building or object on the community – to whom and why the repair work or construction of the object is important and what the result will be. The contribution of the community itself could be highlighted, from both a financial and workforce perspective.

The projects to be supported will be announced at the end of May.

Read more about the support programme and submitting the project plan.

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