Business hours of LHV during the holidays

18. February 2021

In connection with the anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, there will also be some changes in the business hours of LHV, which we kindly ask you to take into account when planning your financial matters.

On 23 February, LHV’s client support and Tallinn office will be open from 9:00–16:00 and Tartu office from 8:00–14:00. On Wednesday, 24 February, LHV’s offices and client support will be closed. Those who call us at the client support number 6 800 400 will be assisted by our partner at that time.

Internal bank payments and instant payments between banks will take place as usual. Cross-border payments will be made as usual on 23 February, but only until 14:00 on 24 February.

The brokers will work as usual during the holidays, but entries for LHV Trader and Broker will be made until 14:00 on 23 and 24 February.

Happy anniversary of the Republic of Estonia!

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