Use the LHV Youth Card to save, collect, and grow your money

26. December 2020

Although a bank card may still be generally associated with making a payment or withdrawing money from an ATM, it can also have many other useful features. An excellent example is the LHV Youth Card, which helps you save, collect, and grow your money without much effort.

The central product of the LHV Youth Bank – launched with a definite mission two years ago – is the Youth Card, which quickly found favour among users. It is an all-powerful bank card which, in addition to its outstanding appearance, also benefits its holder on a daily basis.

Not just a bank card

Ordering an LHV Youth Card is a breeze. Download and open the LHV mobile app, register as a client in only a few moments, and after you log in, you can choose a Youth Card with the design you like the most. If you order your card on Monday, for example, it will reach your mailbox in the same week. The design of the cards is also youthful and you can choose between three different colour combinations: neon orange with a white logo, black with a neon orange logo, and white with a neon orange logo.

You can order a Youth Card if you are aged 7–25. Most importantly, it is completely free. You do not have to pay for ordering, using or holding the card.

Enjoy discounts

In addition to the fact that the Youth Card is completely free for you, it also helps you save money when paying for purchases. The LHV Youth Card ensures you several useful discounts with partners whose products or services youngsters often consume. For example, you will get a 30% discount on all travel with Lux Express in Estonia, and it will be enough to show your Youth Card in R-kiosk and receive a 20% discount on all hot food products and drinks.

As the LHV Youth Bank also encourages a healthy lifestyle, joining any MyFitness training package with the personal discount code that comes with the Youth Card is free and the MyFitness + Full package costs only EUR 54. The discount is also valid in all Sportland stores, where you will find a particularly good discount for one product group every month.

In addition to the abovementioned discounts, which help you save considerable amounts, you can even win EUR 100 in pocket money or EUR 50 in investment money every month by using the Youth Card. To this end, you will need to make at least 15 payments per month with your Youth Card and you will be automatically entered in the monthly pocket money prize draw.

We help you grow money

We know that, at a young age, every euro is important, especially in the sense that time is the most important factor in growing your euros into a bigger sum. The money you save and grow now can help you fulfil your dreams in the future.

The quickest and easiest way to do this is to use an LHV Growth Account. This allows you to start with as little as one euro and we settle all securities transactions for you. Your task is to choose one to six funds you want to invest your money in.

Another convenient option is microinvesting, which can be switched on by any LHV bank card holder. While the collection of small amounts with each card payment is also widespread in other banks, then at LHV you can be sure that the sum you have collected will be automatically increased. This means that if you have created a Growth Account and switched on the microinvesting option, the amount of each of your card payment will be rounded to the next whole number and the resulting difference will be transferred to the Growth Account.

For example, if you pay EUR 7.10 for a card purchase in a store, it will be rounded to the next whole number, i.e. EUR 8, and the difference between these two numbers, i.e. 90 cents, will be invested in the funds of your choice through the Growth Account.

On average, microinvesting transfers EUR 1.10 daily to the Growth Account, i.e. almost EUR 400 per year. If you invest this amount with the Growth Account continuously for 25 years, its value can increase to almost EUR 40,000 with an average return of 10%.

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