During the emergency, all LHV banking services are operational

16. March 2020

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, Estonia has declared an emergency situation. As a provider of vital services, we at LHV will continue to do our jobs and our best to ensure that you are able to conveniently use our banking services at the present time. As a client of LHV, nearly all banking operations can be performed without leaving your home, using our mobile app or internet bank.

Due to the emergency situation, we have some observations which we ask you to consider in the following weeks:

  • In order to limit the risk of infection, we urge you to prefer electronic service channels for conducting your banking business. The e-mail address for client support is info@lhv.ee and the phone number is 6 800 400. Additionally, you can contact us using the real-time chat.
    All client support contacts are available on our homepage
  • We ask you to visit our Tallinn and Tartu branch offices only in case of emergency and when you are healthy, to protect your health as well as the health of our employees.
  • We recommend making payments using the mobile app or the internet bank. Payment limits can be changed in the internet bank. With instant payment, the money will reach most banks immediately.
  • To prevent the spread of the virus, it is wise to use electronic means of payment instead of cash. The safest payment method is contactless payment with Apple Pay or a bankcard.
  • LHV’s ATMs are operating as usual. Although our ATMs are cleaned regularly, it is not possible to do so after servicing each client. Accordingly, we advise you to wash or disinfect your hands after using an ATM or handling cash. The risk of spread of the virus can also be reduced by using gloves.
  • Due to the emergency situation, many Estonian companies and private persons are facing difficult economic choices. We are ready to offer a grace period to private as well as corporate loan clients. We will review each case individually. In the event of potential solvency problems, contact the bank in due time, before the debt occurs. Read more
  • We would also like to remind you that, during difficult periods, various types of phishing e-mails spread more actively than usual, which is why you should take extra care when performing your banking operations on the Internet and do all you can to identify potential scams. Read more about security in using banking services

Also review the FAQ page, which we will update on a continuous basis

To limit the spread of virus, we have rearranged the organisation of work at LHV. A large number of LHV’s employees are working from home during this period, physical meetings have been reduced to a minimum, business travel has been cancelled, training and other events postponed. All banking services are operating as usual and our branch offices are open.

We will most definitely inform you of any possible changes in the functioning of LHV’s services. We ask for your understanding, attentiveness and thoughtfulness.

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