LHV invites young people to apply for the LHV Youth Idea Bank

25. february 2019

LHV has assembled a Council comprised of LHV Youth Idea Bank members, which will begin to influence the development of LHV’s banking services directed at young people, while also spreading financial knowledge among young Estonian youths. At present, the Idea Bank has five remarkable young members, but one member is still missing. Could that person be you?

As of today, the LHV Youth Bank has been operating for 181 days. During this time, 4,500 young people have joined the Youth Bank. ‘This is quite a good result, but we want more. To go further, and to do it our way. LHV’s way. Which is why we decided to assemble the LHV Youth Idea Bank composed of young people,’ commented Liis Lepik, LHV Youth Bank Project Manager.

Idea Bank members become ambassadors for LHV Pank, meeting every six weeks and working together in the name of discussing and spreading financial knowledge and bank services, which are of particular benefit to young people and will help take them further in life,’ said Lepik. ‘We invite all interested parties to apply, in order to join us in the Idea Bank’.

Idea Bank members come from different fields, since including different young people makes it easier for LHV to understand what it is that young people expect from their bank. This allows them to work together better with young people – working together to be shapers of the future Estonia and growers of the capital located here.

Maria Heinsar, Randy Padar, Jaagup Tuisk, Ursula Ilves and Liis Lepik are already members of the LHV Youth Idea Bank.

Who’s who?

  • Maria is a 17 year-old active young person, who has participated in numerous entrepreneurship projects, is interested in the world of start-ups, and who also has a bit of entrepreneurship experience;

  • Randy is an investment lover with an entrepreneurship and financial background, who believes that the financial education and future potential of young people are very important;

  • Jaagup is a jack-of-all-trades, having nine professions and being self-taught, while also believing that the important thing is to have desire and a goal in front of you – then everything is possible;

  • Ursula is studying gymnastics and is the head of Estonia’s best participatory council – Viljandi Youth Council. She knows a lot about including young people and is well-versed in the inner workings of youth organisations;

  • Liis is the LHV Youth Bank Project Manager and is responsible for leading the Youth Idea Bank as well as other LHV Pank activities and services targeted towards the target audience of young people.

How do you apply?

LHV is looking for one more active young person to serve on the Youth Bank, who is progressive, enterprising and who wants to serve as a connecting link between young people and the bank.

You can apply if you are up to 25 years of age and believe that there should be greater discussion concerning financial knowledge, if you believe that a bank can play a greater role than simply offering a bank account. Idea Bank members are interested in how they can help invest even more in young people, how they can help young people to become more involved, and how they can influence not only their own futures but that of Estonia as a whole.

To apply, you will need to create a short, 1-2 minute long video introduction, in which you state why you would like to be an LHV Youth Idea Bank member and why the topic of financial literacy needs to be discussed with young people. Complete the form and participate in the competition.

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