Clients receive their Consumer Loan from LHV much faster

22. November 2019

As of November, the process of transferring Consumer Loans from LHV Finance to client accounts became much faster. This makes the loan service much more convenient for the Client.

Clients view the speed at which the loan amount is received, among other things, as an important indicator of quality, which is why LHV Consumer Loans now reach the client’s account in a matter of minutes. LHV developed the system in such a way that, after the required background check is performed, the loan decision is made, and the agreement is signed by the client, the loan amount is deposited in the account automatically and regardless of the day of the week or the time.

Since the application process for LHV Consumer Loans already took place at an accelerated pace electronically via the internet bank or the LHV mobile app, the entire process is now especially convenient for the Client.

The Consumer Loans offered by LHV Finance include the LHV car loan, the LHV home repair loan, the LHV home furnishing Loan and the LHV health and beauty loan.

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