LHV added security to access the internet bank with Smart-ID

26. september 2019

From today, Smart-ID can be used in LHV internet bank in a new way: LHV added an additional check to use Smart-ID for personal identification and payment verification, which increases customer attention and security.

Until now, just as with the mobile-ID, you had to compare the identity of the control codes in the Smart-ID application when you entered the internet bank; an LHV customer must now select the correct control code in the Smart-ID application before entering the PIN-code from the three proposals.

LHV Head of Information Security Tiit Hallas commented that the change has been made because customers have not always paid enough attention to comparing control codes. “As some LHV customers have therefore also fallen victim to fraud, we considered it necessary to change the behaviour of the customer and make them pay attention to the control code. In other words, customers should use the Smart-ID service as originally intended,” Hallas commented. “Although in the case of a signed payment, the customer of the bank is responsible for the correctness of the payment, we do our utmost to reduce the risks for the customer. The new approach to Smart-ID is one example of this,” Hallas added.

In addition to Smart-ID, LHV internet bank can also be entered and dealt with using an ID-card, a mobile-ID or a PIN-calculator.

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