Now you can pay your taxes to an account in LHV Pank

1. august 2019

You will now be able to pay state taxes, make payments, pay state fees and other sums to accounts in LHV Pank belonging to the Ministry of Finance and the Tax and Customs Board.

As of today, 1 August, the State Treasury has begun using a new account in LHV Pank. This provides clients with the opportunity to make intra-bank payments to the state around the clock, with payments arriving in seconds.

According to Erki Kilu, Chairman of the Management Board of LHV Pank, paying taxes and making payments to the state will become much simpler and faster for clients. ‘The opening of the group account of the State Treasury for the Ministry of Finance and the Tax and Customs Board is a sign of quality for LHV Pank,’ said Kilu. ‘Getting the accounts to function required rather complicated technical preparations on the part of the State Treasury and the bank. As of today, LHV Pank has received an investment grade creditworthiness rating from an international agency, which allows the State Treasury to keep money in the bank.’

Details on the state’s bank accounts:

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