LHV warns against phishing messages sent on behalf of LHV Pank

26. july 2019

It has been reported today, that LHV clients have received SMS messages on behalf of LHV Pank informing them of new payment received or requesting their account to be updated and luring message recipients to the accompanying web link. LHV Pank has not sent these scam messages and we ask you not to click on the links. In any case, you should avoid entering your personal details on the web page linked in the message.

In order to warn clients about scam messages, today, LHV will send clients a short reminder.

Behind the link in the scam messages is a web page similar to the LHV internet bank, which attempts to acquire user IDs and mobile-ID and Smart-ID PIN numbers. The links you are asked to follow in the messages are short and start with tny.sh and bit.ly. We recommend ignoring and deleting the scam messages.

When logging in to the internet bank, please always make sure that it is an official bank channel. This is indicated by the correct web address, a correct page with working links and the so-called green padlock on the web address bar. When entering the internet bank, you should never enter your PIN2 number, which is only for signing transactions and contracts. In case of doubt, please contact LHV to confirm that a message received has been sent by us.

Clients who have been the victim of a fraud and have entered their details on a fake web page are kindly requested to contact LHV customer support at info@lhv.ee.

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