Opening hours of LHV and processing of payments during the Easter Holiday

16. March 2018

Please consider that the opening hours of LHV and processing of payments are different during Easter Holiday.

On 30 March, Good Friday, LHV’s offices, customer support and brokerage department will be closed.

European and cross-border payments, including domestic inter-bank transfers, will not be carried out from 30 March to 2 April. No Trader and Broker account payments are made on 30 March. On 2 April, the brokers will be at work, however the majority of European markets are closed.

We recommend entering important European payments before 16.30 on 29 March, at the latest. This way, they will reach the beneficiary before the holidays. If the European payment is entered after 16.30 on 29 March, it will reach the beneficiary on the morning of 3 April. Internal payments are processed during the holidays as usual.

LHV hire-purchase and consumer loan customer support can also be reached during the holidays, from 09.00 to 21.00 every day.

Wishing you peaceful holidays.

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