The Stock Shark 2018 is Kristjan Krass

5. november 2018

The winner of LHV’s four week long stock game “Stock Shark 2018” is Kristjan Krass, who managed to increase his portfolio by 47% and won the main prize of 5,000 €.

The participants of this “Stock Shark” competition, which was held for the 17th time, had to deal with one of the hardest challenges in the game’s history: during the game, the Standard & Poors 500 index fell down to 5.38%. The end result of the game was revealed in a very exciting struggle on the last trading day.

Over 2 600 people interested in investing took part in this year’s “Stock Shark” game. During four weeks, the participants could invest virtual euros in the stocks belonging to Standard & Poors 500 index. This index is comprised of the 500 biggest and most famous US stocks. At the beginning of the game, an initial capital of 10,000 € was allocated to the participants and an additional 1,000 € was added on the morning of each trading day. Thus, the competitors had to find a way to invest 30,000 € as profitably as possible.

“This year’s Stock Shark was extraordinarily tense and interesting, but despite the difficult circumstances, 879 participants, 33% of the players, managed to increase their initial amount. The average portfolio performance was -0.35%,” said Sander Pikkel, LHV's Head of Brokerage Activity. “This year, there were several teams participating in the game. We are particularly glad that schools were also participating in the game, as the purpose of the Stock Shark is to increase interest in the investment world. The biggest school team was Loksa Gümnaasium with 15 students, but Hugo Treffneri Gümnaasium with 12 students and Tallinna Reaalkool with 10 participants did not stay far behind either,” added Pikkel.

By the end of the game, Kristjan Krass managed to increase the value of his portfolio to 44,098.86 € (+47% performance), being ahead of the second place winner Janek Alvela by 332.38 € and the third place winner Taavi Tänava by 2891.25 €. The entire “Stock Shark 2018” ranking is available at

There was a separate competition for youngsters, among whom Isabel Alvela managed to have the best portfolio performance of 24%, gaining the 5th place in general ranking. In addition to the individual competition, there was a separate competition between classes/schools, which was won by Tartu Jaan Poska Gümnaasium, with Loksa Gümnaasium and Tallinna Reaalkool close behind.

The first prize of “Stock Shark 2018” is 5,000 €, 6 months’ digital access to Äripäev (or Delovõje Vedomosti) and an investment-related book. Second and third place shall be awarded with 2,000 € and 1,000 €, respectively, as well as an investment book and 3 months’ digital access to Äripäev (or Delovõje Vedomosti). A special prize of 100 € was awarded at the end of each week to the youngster who had the most valuable portfolio at that moment. The winners shall receive the money on their bank account.

LHV thanks all participants.

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