LHV Youth Card is gaining popularity

14. September 2018

LHV Youth Card is gaining popularity

Within a period of two weeks following the Youth Bank’s entry onto the market, nearly 800 LHV Youth Cards have been issued. The most popular of the neon-coloured designs has proven to be the combination of black and neon orange.

When creating the Youth Card, LHV did not want to simply make another in a series of student identification cards; instead, they wanted something that would immediately tell people that the card holder is a member of the LHV Youth Bank. You can use the LHV Youth Card to pay in Estonia, abroad, as well as online. The LHV Youth Card enables you to make contactless payments, which is a fast and convenient method for making purchases of up to 25 €. In addition, the card includes purchase insurance for all durable goods for a period of 180 days after the purchase if the Youth Card has been used to make payment. You can order convenient free home delivery of the bank card.

We added several useful benefits to the Youth Card to help your money last longer. For example, using this bank card, you will pay less for warm food at R-kiosk, because warm foods and warm drinks are 20% cheaper at R-kiosk when you pay with the Youth Card. Secondly, the Youth Card will help you move between cities: by showing the card, you will be able to buy a Lux Express bus ticket at a 30% discount.

It is clear that an athletic life will begin to go hand in hand with the Youth Bank. The LHV Youth Card will get you a discount at MyFitness training centres. Membership is free when you show the card, and a full package will only cost your 54 €. The discount is also valid at Sportland shops: each month the products of one trademark are 20% cheaper.

In addition to discounts, all LHV Youth Card holders can win prizes if they actively use their cards. When you pay with the Youth Card, you will be entered into a monthly draw. The more often you pay with the Youth Card, the bigger the award and the greater the chance of winning. We will be holding a draw for Apollo Cinema gift tickets and Partner and Sportland gift cards.

The LHV Youth Card does look very good, but we would like to remind everyone that it is not a good idea to share your card details by sharing photos on social media. There is a danger that the card’s data may end up in the hands of people with bad intentions.

You can order a Youth Card from: lhv.ee/en/youthbank

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