LHV was recognised as the best private banking service provider in Estonia

7. February 2018

Financial magazine Euromoney’s annual private banking and asset management survey revealed that Estonia’s best private banking service is offered by LHV. LHV’s asset management service, quality of investment analysis and customer experience also received an excellent rating.

‘Euromoney also recognised LHV last year for its investment banking capability, portfolio management, and in the field of innovative technology and customer experience. It is a pleasure to admit that our actions are being noticed and that we are viewed as a strong competitor. Recognition by professionals in our respective field is confirmation for us that we are on the right track’, commented Artjom Vakulenko, Head of private banking at LHV.

‘We have always proceeded based on the needs of clients, which is the focus of our work. We see that the client expects maximum possible transparency when it comes to service. This is true for all aspects, above all for the field of investments. We focus a great deal of attention on explaining our investment decisions and also reporting. We are proud of our current level of service. Managing other people’s assets is a great responsibility, one that we take very seriously. This is the only way to hold onto our client’s trust’, added Vakulenko.

For LHV Pank, private banking is one of four business directions – in addition to private banking, the focus is also on retail banking, corporate banking and financial intermediaries. LHV’s private banking clients have a personal client executive, fast and convenient telephone service, and excellent opportunities for storing and growing assets. In addition, clients earn up to 1% in annual interest on their current account, for sums up to 1,000,000 €. This is also true in the case of demand deposits or funds simply sitting in a bank account. LHV’s offer stands out on the market in terms of its very good investment services.

Euromoney’s survey provides a good overview of private banking service quality in different regions. Since privacy is important to private banking clients, the survey is instead conducted with banks and asset management companies, who must assess their main competitors. The survey can be considered a reciprocal expert assessment. Results of the survey can be reviewed in greater detail here.

Euromoney’s award for the best private banking service in Estonia will be awarded on 22 February, at the global private banking conference, in London.

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