LHV’s business hours during Midsummer celebrations

12. June 2018

Victory Day and Midsummer Day bring some small changes to LHV’s business hours.

On 22 June, the opening hours of LHV’s client offices and customer support will be shortened: The Tartu office will be closing at 15.00 and our Tallinn office and customer support will close at 16.00.

Customer support will be closed on Saturday, 23 June.

The holidays will not impact the processing of payments. Intrabank payments, European payments and Trader transfers will be carried out as usual during the holidays. Expedited payments can be made until 14.00 on 22 June.

Brokers will be at work on 22 June during their usual business hours of 9.00–23.00.

Customer support for LHV’s hire-purchases and consumer loans will be open on 23 June from 09.00–19.00 and 10.30–19.00 on 24 June. Before the holidays, on 22 June, hire-purchase and consumer loan customer support will be open during normal hours from 09.00–21.00.

Happy Victory Day and a pleasant Midsummer Day!

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