The May double salary has been drawn, a new prize on 5 June

7. May 2018

Each month, we will hold a prize drawing to award a double salary to one client, meaning that the bank will add one month’s salary to the winner’s account. The prize draw is held between all bank clients whose monthly salary is deposited at LHV Pank. The May lottery draw was on 7 May and the lucky winner was Kairi Koov. Congratulations!

The next drawing will be held already on 5 June, when everyone whose salary, dividends, pension or other income was deposited in their LHV account in May will be a part of the lottery wheel. The winner will receive an additional salary in the extent of their previous month’s salary, with the maximum additional salary being 10,000 €.

If your salary already is deposited in an LHV account, you don’t have to do more than wait for your lucky day. If you are an LHV customer, but your salary is not yet deposited at LHV bank account, then in order to participate in the draw, you will need to complete the application for redirecting your salary and forward it to your employer’s accountant.

With the campaign, we are looking to raise the activity of use of banking services, while also recognising active clients. Actually, everyone is a winner as an LHV client, since the service charges at LHV are low:
Free account
Free European payments (in-house settlements and settlements from LHV to other banks are free of charge)
Contactless debit cards and credit cards (monthly card fee of 1 € for private clients)
Cash withdrawal from all bank ATMs (withdrawing cash from LHV’s cash ATMs is free. A fee of 1 € applies when using the ATMs of other banks in Estonia as well as Europe).
Simple and convenient Mobile and internet bank
The terms and conditions for participating in the campaign and draw can be found here here.

The drawing will be held on the 5th day of each month (or the following working day), until the end of the year.

The terms and conditions for participating in the campaign and draw can be found here.

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