LHV Finance introduced a car loan and home repair loan to the market

27. March 2017

Consumer loan oriented LHV Finance began offering clients long-awaited new loan products – the LHV car loan and the LHV Home Repair Loan.

“Our experience shows that the Consumer Loan is most frequently used to finance the purchase of a vehicle or renovation of a home. We now have special products created for those specific purposes, allowing us to offer our clients a more favourable price and larger amount as well as a longer repayment term,” explained Nele Roostalu, CEO of LHV Finance. “Our Home Repair Loan is designed for use in fixing up your home or summer house, but why not also for buying new furnishings or home appliances. To get a loan you do not have to pledge your home as security, it is sufficient if you simply own real estate. Our car loan is meant for purchasing motor vehicles, be it a car, ATV or motorboat. The client will be the owner from the start and motor own liability insurance is voluntary,” said Roostalu.

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