LHV’s business hours during the holidays

13. December 2017

Changes have been made to LHV’s business hours in connection with the coming Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Please take the above into consideration to ensure that you are also able to perform you banking transactions in a convenient and timely manner in December.

On 23 December, LHV’s client support will be open from 10.00–14.00. LHV’s offices and client support will be closed from 25–26 December 2017, and on 1 January 2018.

On 25–26 December, and 1 January 2018, no inter-bank or foreign payments will be made and the arrival of payments will be extended by the length of the holidays. Intra-bank payments will continue to be processed during the holidays.

On Christmas Day, 25 December, the market will be closed and brokers will be resting. Also, no LHV Trader or LHV Broker transfers will be performed on 25 December. On Boxing Day, 26 December, brokers will be at work from 15.00 until the close of the US market. On 26 December, we ask that LHV Trader and LHV Broker payments be sent to clients until 15.00. Transfers will be made to client accounts between the hours of 15.00–16.00.

Hire-purchase and consumer loan client support will be working on 25–26 December, and 31 December, from 10.00–19.00.
Client support will be closed on 1 January.

Happy holidays!

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