LHV has started offering LHV home insurance

5. December 2017

LHV Pank has started to offer LHV home insurance to its home loan and private loan customers. The product was launched in cooperation with the insurance company Compensa.

LHV’s all-risk home insurance has very extensive cover. In addition to standard insured events, LHV’s home insurance also covers the damages resulting from construction or repair works and construction faults. LHV home insurance also comes with 24h home assistance service, which you can count on whenever you need quick assistance, for example in case of a water accident or failure of a door lock. LHV home insurance is the only one in Estonia to compensate three months of loan payments in the event that the insured object becomes uninhabitable.

“A year ago we started to offer LHV’s home loan. Over this period, we have issued home loans worth more than 35 million euros. We have seen that the customers are really pleased with our home loan and we wish to increase this satisfaction even more with superb home insurance,” commented Erki Kilu, Chairman of the Management Board at LHV Pank. “LHV home insurance provides peace of mind and protection to the clients, should something unexpected happen to the customer’s home or domestic property. Enhanced comfort comes also from the fact that the client will get a suitable insurance together with formalising a loan and has no need to apply for it separately. We invite all our current and prospective loan customers to request home insurance from us,” Kilu added.

Compensa Vienna Insurance Group, ADB Estonian branch, belongs to the leading insurance group of Austria and Central and Eastern Europe, the Vienna Insurance Group. The group has been active in the field of insurance for more than 190 years and for today, they are active in 25 countries, with 50 group companies and around 24,000 employees. Vienna Insurance Group has a good credit rating of A+ (Standard&Poor’s). In Estonia, the group started offering property insurance services at the beginning of 2016. The clients have well received the services and for today the number of customers has reached already over 20,000.

Terms and conditions of Compensa home insurance for LHV customers

  • The client must be LHV’s home loan customer or apply for a loan
  • Insurance period: 1 year (upon request, extended automatically)
  • Payments: once a month, automatically from the customer’s account
  • Cover: all-risk insurance with extensive cover
  • Comes with liability insurance
  • Excess: 200 euros (part of the cover without excess)
  • Loan repayment cover: 3 months
  • Home assistance: 24h
  • Cover for property carried along: 2,000 euros
  • See more at https://www.lhv.ee/kodulaen#kodukindlustus

LHV home loan in figures

  • Launched on 17 October 2016
  • Agreements signed: over 400
  • Home loan portfolio: 35 million euros
  • Average loan amount: 92,000 euros
  • What customers are most satisfied with: free early repayment, fast procedure and caring attitude.
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