Active use of LHV’s Football Card brings record support to clubs

15. November 2017

By actively paying with their LHV Football Cards, football fans earned a record 65,286 € for Estonian football. The sum paid by LHV is 37% higher than a year ago.

LHV’s Football Card is the official fan card of Estonian football, a joint creation between LHV Pank and the Estonian Football Association. It is a bank card, and for each purchase made LHV will pay 10 cents to the card holder's football club of choice.

‘It seems like football fans have really accepted the LHV Football Card. Over the past few years, the amounts of support have grown, and this year we paid support to a total of 139 clubs’, commented Erki Kilu, Chairman of the Management Board of LHV Pank. ‘I am pleased that several football clubs will see the infusion of a significant sum into their budgets, thanks to their fans’.

‘Strong communities can serve as the engine for the development of life in Estonia, and the ever increasing momentum of the Football Card project demonstrates the strengthening of communities, first in Estonia in general and thereafter within the meaning of the identity of the corresponding club’, said Airva Pohlak, President of the Estonian Football Association. ‘With the help of the Football Card project, clubs and their members are able to collect funds for implementing specific projects, for example, acquiring lawn-care equipment, covering travel expenses, purchasing new football equipment etc.’, explained Pohlak.

As with previous years, national team fans collected the largest amount for the Estonian Football Association. The following is the TOP 10 in terms of the largest amount of support:

1. Tartu Jalgpallikool Tammeka
1. Nõmme Kalju FC
1. Tallinna FC Flora
1. FC Elva
1. Tallinna FC Levadia
1. FC Kuressaare
1. Tallinna FC Infonet
1. JK Tallinna Kalev
1. Viljandi JK Tulevik
1. Estonian National Team Fan Club Jalgpallihaigla (Football Hospital)

In addition to supporting your favourite club, the LHV Football Card is also of benefit to the card holder. With the card you will always save at least 10% on all tickets to the home matches of the Estonian National Team and free entry to the home matches of the Estonian youth national teams. In addition, the card offers discounts at Sportland and Baltmann, at MyFitness Club, and on service at ABC Motors.

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