Internet purchases with LHV bank cards now include additional cover

14. November 2017

To ensure security and raise the feeling of confidence when using LHV bank cards to make payments on the Internet, LHV has added a new security feature to its bank cards. Clients can select a suitable solution and configure it via the internet bank.

Secure card payments over the Internet, i.e. utilising the 3-D Secure solution, entails a three-step confirmation procedure. After entering card data and the confirmation code, one must enter the LHV internet bank as an additional form of identification, or use the security code sent to their mobile phone via SMS. First we turned on the security function for Partner Bank Cards.

In order to confirm their future Internet purchases using a security code, the LHV client must enter a valid telephone number for each bank card. The confirmation of the Payment security code via mobile telephone is a very convenient solution as it does not require the use of an ID-card or mobile-ID. All you need is a mobile telephone. The same solution is already familiar to users of many Internet services, such as Gmail or Dropbox.

If the client does not wish to use the security code associated with their mobile telephone, they will have to enter the Internet bank using their ID-card, mobile-ID or Smart-ID in order to confirm the transaction when making an Internet purchase with their bank card.

The goal of the ‘Secure card payments via the Internet’ solution is to prevent card-related fraud. Additional authentication confirms that the card is indeed being used by the regular card user. Cases of fraud occur infrequently, but they do happen, always bringing with them undesired handling of matters and ignorance.

LHV reminds its clients that regardless of the addition of the new security function, one must continue to be cautious when it comes to card data. If there is a danger that a third party has become aware of card data, the safest thing to do would be to cancel the card and order a replacement. It is also prudent to keep card limits as low as possible.

Further reading on the ‘secure card payments over the Internet’ solution can be found here.

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