Purchase insurance added to the LHV Gold Card

10. November 2017

Starting in November, purchase insurance, which was previously only available to LHV Platinum Card holders, will be expanded to Gold Cards and private banking debit cards. In this way LHV’s Au-clients and all Private Banking clients will also be able to protect their purchases.

It pays to purchase durable goods, such as new home appliances, furniture, as well clothing, using a bank card with purchase insurance. A feeling of security is added by the knowledge that after making a purchase with a bank card that has purchase insurance, all items with a purchase cost of 100 € or more are protected for a period of 180 days. Liability for each loss event is 30 € and the maximum compensation is 5000 € per loss event (maximum of 10,000 € annually for one card holder). Purchase insurance for LHV’s bank cards is offered by AIG Europe Limited.

The Gold Card is the bank card of LHV’s Au-client, available as either a debit card or credit card. The Gold Card includes:

  • Broad-cover travel insurance
  • Purchase insurance
  • Estravel Gold Card
  • Annual interest at a rate of 1% on their current account, for sums up to 100,000 €.

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