Powertrader update brought real-time market information to mobile phone screens

17. July 2017

The LHV Powertrader program is available to clients of LHV Pank who have concluded investment agreements. The most recent update has made the program accessible via web browsers in tablets and mobile phones.

LHV Powertrader is a program offered by LHV, which displays real-time stock prices from the Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius stock exchanges as well as stock exchange notices and news. An important additional function is the displaying of market depth, which means following the activities of other market participants. The user can configure the program to display information on stocks that are important to them. Powertrader is primarily a tool for traders, although it is possible for all bank clients who have concluded an investment agreement to use it.

Now clients are able to use LHV Powertrader on all screens – the solution is web browser, i.e. browser based. To use the program, one must open their web browser, log in to the LHV internet bank and open the Powertrader view from the menu or from here.

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