LHV’s business hours and transaction times during Easter

15. March 2016

LHV asks you to please note that we will be adjusting our business hours slightly during the Easter holidays.

On 25 March, Good Friday, LHV’s customer support and offices will be closed. Brokerage will not be working on that day and it will not be possible to perform transfers between the Trader and Broker accounts or cross-border payments.

European payments will not be possible on 25 March and 28 March, including transfers between different banks within a country. European payments entered after 16.30 on 24 March will reach the recipient on 29 March. Internal payments can be made.

For LHV, Easter Monday on 28 March is a regular business day, but brokerage clients should take into account the organisation of work on the stock exchanges. While it will be possible to make cross-border payments again, we ask you to keep in mind that in relation to the international holiday in Europe payments could be delayed another day.

During the holidays LHV hire-purchase and consumer loans customer support will be available from 9.00-21.00.

Happy holidays!

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