LHV’s operation hours during the holidays

16. December 2016

During Christmas and New Year there will be changes to the regular business hours of LHV. Please bear in mind these changes in order to avoid any possible inconveniences.

LHV’s offices and customer support will be closed on 24–26 December. On 23 December, our offices and customer support will close three hours earlier than usual. On 31 December the opening hpurs of customer support will be reduced as well.

European payments (incl. domestic payments) and other cross-border payments cannot be made on 24–26 December. Intra-bank payments can be made all through the holidays.

LHV’s brokers will work on 23 December until 11PM when the US markets close. The markets will be closed on 26 December and our brokers will be off duty. Trader and Broker account payments will also not be made.

LHV hire-purchase and LHV consumer loan customer service and loan specialists will be working from 10.00-19.00 on 24–26 December and 31 December. On 1 January, LHV Finance customer support will be closed.

Happy Holidays!

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