LHV’s business hours during the holidays

16. December 2014

In order to avoid any possible inconveniences, please remember that there will be changes to the regular business hours of LHV during the holidays.

Office and customer support

LHV’s offices and customer support are closed on 24–26 December and 1 January. On 23 and 31 December, our office in Tallinn will be open until 16.00 and the office in Tartu until 15.00.

On 27 December, customer support will be functioning as usual.


Internal payments can be made all through the holidays.

Euro Payments (incl. domestic payments or Trader and Broker account payments) cannot be made between 24–26 December, and 1 January. On 23 and 31 December, Euro Payments will be made until 15.00; on other days according to the regular schedule.

Other cross-border payments will not made between 24–26 December, and 1 January. On 23 and 31 December, these payments will be made until 10.30.

On other days, settlements will take place as usual. Please remember that due to the holidays the date on which payments are received is extended by the number of days off.

The last day to make payments in Lithuanian Litas is 29 December 2014, as Lithuania will be adopting the euro at the start of the New Year.


LHV’s brokers will not be working on 25 December and 1 January.

On 24 and 26 December, brokers will be working during the opening hours of the US market, and on 31 December, they will finish their work at 20.00. Orders for the Russian market will be submitted during brokerage business hours. On other days the working hours of the brokers will match the opening hours of the markets.

Hire-purchase customer support

Irregular working hours of LHV’s hire-purchase customer support during the holidays: on 24, 25 and 26 December, as well as 31 December, we will be open from 10.00–19.00. Hire-purchase customer support will be closed on 1 January.

Happy holidays!

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