LHV Trader account price list

Valid as of 01.01.2021

Transaction fees ⁽¹⁾
US shares0.02 USD per share, min 7 USD
US options4 USD/contract
US futures (incl. single stock futures SSF)8 USD/contract
CME Bitcoin futures (BRR)20 USD/contract
CME Ethereum futures (ETH)12 USD/contract
CME Micro Bitcoin futures10 USD/contract
CME micro index futures (MES, MNQ, M2K, MYM)2 USD/contract
NYMEX micro gold futures (MGC)2 USD/contract
CBOE mini volatility futures (VXM)1 USD/contract
EUR/USD micro futures (M6E)1 USD/contract
US future options8 USD/contract
Currency conversions0.01%, min 4 USD
German, Austrian, French, Belgian, Dutch, Spanish shares0.1%, min 8 EUR
German, French, Belgian, Dutch options4 EUR/contract
German, French, Belgian, Dutch, Italian, Spanish futures8 EUR/contract
UK shares0.1%, min 12 GBP Stamp taxes (UK=0.5%, Ireland=1%) are added
UK options3 GBP/contract
UK futures6 GBP/contract
Swiss shares0.1%, min 20 CHF (0.075% stamp tax added)
Swiss options6 CHF/contract
Swiss futures8 CHF/contract
Swedish shares0.1%, min 60 SEK
Swedish options40 SEK/contract
Swedish futures40 SEK/contract
Russian shares0.2%, min 380 RUB
Hong Kong shares0.1%, min 36 HKD (0.1% stamp tax added)
Hong Kong options60 HKD/contract
Hong Kong futures (HSI)60 HKD/contract
Hong Kong futures (MHI)34 HKD/contract
Hong Kong futures (SSF)40 HKD/contract
Hong Kong futures (HHI,FXC)40 HKD/contract
Japanese shares0.2%, min 900 JPY
Japanese options1000 JPY/contract
Japanese futures1000 JPY/contract
Nikkei mini futures80 JPY/contract
Australian shares0.16%, min 12 AUD
Australian options6 AUD/contract
Australian futures10 AUD/contract
Canadian shares0.02 CAD/share, min 7 CAD
Canadian options5 CAD/contract
Canadian futures5 CAD/contract
Singapur futures (SEY, SJB, SGXNK)600 JPY/contract
Singapur futures (STW)8 USD/contract
Korean options0.4%, min 2000 KRW
Korean futures10000 KRW/contract
Mexican shares0.2%, min 120 MXN
Mexican options60 MXN/contract
Mexican futures100 MXN/contract

Management fee ⁽²⁾⁽³⁾
Securities10 EUR + 0.01% per month

Other fees ⁽⁴⁾
Corporate actionsfree of charge
Order cancellation or modificationfees taken by stock exchanges
Money transfer out of LHV Trader Account5 USD
Other exchanges information fees

[disclaimer] (1) Financial transaction tax may be added in case of buying securities.
(2) Value added tax in the amount of 20% is added. Legal persons subject to value added tax in a foreign country are subject to value added tax of 0%.
(3) Management fee is calculated on the basis of a month’s average market value of the assets (incl. money, deposits and securities). If the market value is not available, the nominal value is taken as a basis.
(4) If there should be additional brokers fees due to corporate actions or securities held in foreign markets then those might be debited from client’s account.