LHV Trader account price list

Valid as of 03.12.2021

Transaction fees ⁽¹⁾
US shares0.02 USD per share, min 7 USD
US options4 USD/contract
US futures (incl. single stock futures SSF)8 USD/contract
CME Bitcoin futures (BRR)20 USD/contract
CME Ethereum futures (ETH)12 USD/contract
CME Micro Bitcoin futures10 USD/contract
CME micro index futures (MES, MNQ, M2K, MYM)2 USD/contract
NYMEX micro gold futures (MGC)2 USD/contract
CBOE mini volatility futures (VXM)1 USD/contract
EUR/USD micro futures (M6E)1 USD/contract
US future options8 USD/contract
Currency conversions0.01%, min 4 USD
German, Austrian, French, Belgian, Dutch, Spanish shares0.1%, min 8 EUR
German, French, Belgian, Dutch options4 EUR/contract
German, French, Belgian, Dutch, Italian, Spanish futures8 EUR/contract
UK shares0.1%, min 12 GBP Stamp taxes (UK=0.5%, Ireland=1%) are added
UK options3 GBP/contract
UK futures6 GBP/contract
Swiss shares0.1%, min 20 CHF (0.075% stamp tax added)
Swiss options6 CHF/contract
Swiss futures8 CHF/contract
Swedish shares0.1%, min 60 SEK
Swedish options40 SEK/contract
Swedish futures40 SEK/contract
Russian shares0.2%, min 380 RUB
Hong Kong shares0.1%, min 36 HKD (0.1% stamp tax added)
Hong Kong options60 HKD/contract
Hong Kong futures (HSI)60 HKD/contract
Hong Kong futures (MHI)34 HKD/contract
Hong Kong futures (SSF)40 HKD/contract
Hong Kong futures (HHI,FXC)40 HKD/contract
Japanese shares0.2%, min 900 JPY
Japanese options1000 JPY/contract
Japanese futures1000 JPY/contract
Nikkei mini futures80 JPY/contract
Australian shares0.16%, min 12 AUD
Australian options6 AUD/contract
Australian futures10 AUD/contract
Canadian shares0.02 CAD/share, min 7 CAD
Canadian options5 CAD/contract
Canadian futures5 CAD/contract
Singapur futures (SEY, SJB, SGXNK)600 JPY/contract
Singapur futures (STW)8 USD/contract
Korean options0.4%, min 2000 KRW
Korean futures10000 KRW/contract
Mexican shares0.2%, min 120 MXN
Mexican options60 MXN/contract
Mexican futures100 MXN/contract

Management fee ⁽²⁾⁽³⁾
Securities10 EUR + 0.01% per month

Other fees ⁽⁴⁾
Corporate actionsfree of charge
Order cancellation or modificationfees taken by stock exchanges
Money transfer out of LHV Trader Account5 USD
Negative interest rate on cash balance: terms and rates applied by our foreign broker (5)
Other exchanges information fees

[disclaimer] (1) Financial transaction tax may be added in case of buying securities.
(2) Value added tax in the amount of 20% is added. Legal persons subject to value added tax in a foreign country are subject to value added tax of 0%.
(3) Management fee is calculated on the basis of a month’s average market value of the assets (incl. money, deposits and securities). If the market value is not available, the nominal value is taken as a basis.
(4) If there should be additional brokers fees due to corporate actions or securities held in foreign markets then those might be debited from client’s account.
(5) IBKR PRO negative interest terms apply for LHV Trader clients.