Swedbank pensionifond indeks 1990–99 sündinutele

Passive Management
10 year net yield
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Suitable if

  • you were born in the 90s and remember that you had to rewind video cassettes to watch them;
  • you want to invest comfortably in one fund until retirement;
  • you want the fund to invest with your age;
  • you want to save in Estonia’s lowest-fee II pillar fund.
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The Fund is established as a lifecycle fund with so called passive investment strategy, meaning that the assets of the Fund are invested into financial instruments that track global indices and the Management Company reduces the ratio of instruments carrying equity risk in the Fund´s assets over time pursuant to the conditions and prospectus of the Fund.
The proportion of investments with equity risk will only ever vary from the indicated level by max. 2%. The remainder is invested in bonds, other debt instruments, deposits and other assets.

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The Fund's return is expressed as the net yield after deduction of all fees.

Biggest investments

The data is presented as at 31.10.2022

Biggest investments
Access Global A2.75%
Alphabet A1.15%
Berkshire Hathaway B1.04%
Alphabet C0.99%
Johnson & Johnson0.87%
United Health0.87%

Fund doesn´t make any investments in Estonia

Asset Classes

The data is presented as at 31.10.2022.

Entry fee: 0%

Exit fee: 0%

Management fee: 0.29%

Success fee: no commission

Ongoing charges (inc management fee): 0.33%

The ongoing charges figure is an estimate based on the current management fee and the 2020 level of all other recognized costs. Ongoing charges may vary from year to year.