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Account statement

Please submit account statements for all of your bank accounts showing your income and/or liabilities.

If you have more than one account at a bank, you will be asked for a separate confirmation for each account. Your account statement for the past six months will be forwarded automatically to LHV*.

If your only bank account is with LHV, you do not need to submit the account statement.

If you are not able to send the account statement automatically or your bank is not listed below, visit the instructions for sending the account statement.

Follow the instructions below and confirm each account statement separately until you'll see the message which confirms that all the account statements are successfully submitted.

The service is offered by Krediidiregister OÜ, which operates on the basis of an activity licence for an account information service provider and is responsible for sending the account information query and the data (LHV Principles of Processing Customer Data) to LHV*. LHV processes your data In accordance with the LHV Principles of Processing Customer Data.

* In the case of an application for a home loan, private loan and leasing, AS LHV Pank; in case of an application for hire-purchase and consumer loans (including car, repair, furnishings, refinancing, health and beauty loans) AS LHV Finance


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